Tivoli Village Opens in Summerlin!

The long awaited opening of Tivoli Village has arrived!  Last weekend we packed up the kids to see what this new attraction has to offer families.  Of course I quickly found their Facebook page (HERE) to get all the updates and coming events in hopes to not miss out on anything exciting.

At first the parking seemed impossible, till we saw the garage area...Awesome and Elegant.  My 4 year old twins informed me they had to put their hands in their pockets to not hurt the pretty elevator.  Looking like it was made out of marble I had no worries of my twincesses hurting anything!  *The public restrooms are by the elevators which is a hike from the play area.

Balloon twisters and face painters as well as a live musician made the day magical for the kids.  We finally made it to the play space, which is well worth the walk.  My 2 year old quickly found the sand area and my 4 year olds climbed on the merry-go-round, begging for a push.  Art Starts Here was there doing FREE crafts for the kids, they are a great company.  *I'm not just saying that because I teach there, the owner really is the best!

Next to the play space is a round splash pad, it is not covered but looks fun regardless!  Needless to say we'll be hanging out at Tivoli Village on a regular basis.  Fresh52 Farmers market will be there on Saturdays from 8am-1pm.

More photos:

Fresh52 Farmers Market will be at Tivoli Village on Saturday's from 8am - 1pm Check them out!


BlueBeauties said...

Is the play area that I see in your pictures free or is it part of that Kidville place I am seeing?

VegasMom said...

This is the FREE play area. Kidville's playarea is inside their store and actually on the 2nd floor of their building. A word of caution: with our Vegas sun beating down on this completely UNCOVERED play area...it can literally burn your children. Use with caution. Tivoli has posted that they are in the works of putting in a cover but I doubt it will be in 2011. Great Question! Thank you for your comment - it helps everyone out!